Hurb Summer 2023

Who we are?

Hurb is a technology and innovation company that is the largest online travel agency in Latin America. We are based in Brazil and also have offices in Portugal and Canada.

Our biggest goal is "To make travel easier”. We are already in more than 4,700 international cities, with more than 500,000 registered users on the platform.

We are a company made by people for people and we’ve succeeded in making the travel experience simpler, more accessible and human for our travelers. After all, it's all about people! While we seek to humanize processes, we also want to deliver innovation. That's why optimizing travel through technology is Hurb's purpose.


Gross Bookings Jun-21 LTM (R$)
Room nights sold Oct-21 LTM
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Gross Bookings CAGR 18-21 LTM
Packages orders Jun-21 LTM
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1 hotel night sold every 8 seconds



Summer 23

It’s an internship program at Hurb’s headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro. The program duration is 3 months (during summer break on June - September) and its goal is to help students to develop professionally.

We offer a complete hands-on experience to students. The opportunity will enable you to gain knowledge from leading industry figures, approach business from different perspectives and to find innovative solutions to problems.

You will be part of amazing projects, meet and work closely with great professionals, expand your network,  and have the possibility to get hired.

All this while living in Rio and experiencing all the best things the city has to offer!

About the Program

Apply for Hurb Global Summer Program 2023
To applyBenefits
The student must be at least 18 years old, demonstrate good academic standing and be enrolled in a higher education institution outside of Brazil.

Our positions are open to all student's that are currently on bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degree courses.

It is important to have a valid passport before applying.
This internship involves benefits such as:

• Salary
• Flight tickets
• Accommodation
• Recommendation letter
• Happy Hour on Thursdays
• The possibility to receive a proposal to get hired
• Ongoing support during the program

• Summer living together in the same building
• Periodic tours in Rio de Janeiro
• Happy Hour on Thursday
• Community summer
• Exclusive onboarding process
• Tech
• Finance
• Customer Experience
• Education
• Product
• Creative
• Growth
• Labs
• New Verticals
• Public Relations

If you are interested in working for a big company in Rio de Janeiro but still want to enjoy a Carioca lifestyle during your summer break... Hurb offers the best of both worlds!

Come and enjoy this
unique experience with Hurb
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